Факультет финансов
и банковского дела
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+7(495) 564-86-01

Факультет финансов
и банковского дела

+7(495) 433-25-91
+7(495) 564-86-01
МВА Банковское дело и финансы
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Department of Finance and Banking was established in 2001.


Our mission:

To satisfy public demand by educating and training of talented and highly motivated professionals in order to implement the strategy of innovative development in field of economics and finance

DFB Overview

Key facts

5 specialized chairs and a laboratory for financial and economics researches

46 full-time and 82 part-time professors

5 undergraduate programs, 4 MA, 2 MBA and EMBA

786 undergraduate and 166 postgraduate students

Central Bank of Russia as a main corporate client since 2003

Professional certification integrated into core educational programs

Member of AACSB, CEEMAN and RABE

PRME signatory

CEEMAN International Quality Accreditation until 2019, local governing body accreditation until 2017

 Distinctive features

Wide portfolio of educational programs, which allows developing individual educational tracks

High caliber faculty: recognized field experts and academicians

International double degree and student exchange programs

Intensive foreign languages training

Corporate social responsibility and business ethics as core principles of educational programs

Independent evaluation of learning outcomes trough international testing and professional certification programs

Students research society 

Soft skills development

 Portfolio of programs:

Pre-entry courses

Bachelor of Economics with specialized tracks:

- Finance and credit

- Accounting, analysis and auditing

- Money, banks and financial markets

- Financial markets and trading

- International financial organizations

Master of Finance and credit:

- Monetary and financial regulation of economy

Master of Economics:

- Banks, finance, investment

- Accounting, analysis and auditing

Master of Management:

- Management in financial institutions

MBA with specializations:

- Banking;

- Business, accounting and law

Executive MBA “Private Capital Management and Luxury Industry”

 For more information and requests: ffb@ranepa.ru, +7 909 680 04 52, +7 495 433 25 91

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